BC Newkirk - CORE Solutions Group

Cost Segregation

CORE Solutions Group have found over a $1 billion in cost savings for their clients in the past 10 years. 

We've partnered with CORE to provide complementary Cost Savings Analysis to identify accelerated depreciation and other cost savings programs for your business.

Through their national network of professionals, we have access to the expertise you need.

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Denton Green Business Advisors

be Green, bGreenR helping your business increase cash flow while reducing your impact on the environment

Green Building Advisors

GBA are thought leaders in environmental solutions facing todays business and building owners.  We deliver measureable results, support and leadership in environmental solutions.

Green Building Advisors will earn your confidence the old fashioned way, with Service.

Energy Savings as a Service

Would you agree to let your Energy provider:

  1. Provide energy efficient upgrades at no charge to you?
  2. Maintain all of this equipment for free?
  3. Charge you less than you currently at for the power to operate your equipment?

We provide a complimentary analysis to see how we can save you money and reduce your energy costs, reach out and lets talk.

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